Photos and details of the monthly finds are posted here-left double-click on photo to see enlarged view.

January 2019

Oldest coin: 1916 French 1 Franc-Mike Tiemann
Most valuable U. S. Coin: 1972 Eisenhower Dollar-Bill Harrington
Most valuable item: 10K Ritenaur Class Ring- Amberly Brown
Oddity: 1930’s Pewter toy soldier- Pam Popp
1890-1900 Sterling silver Gibson girl pin: Rick Crowell
Unknown marked Pegasus item-Larry Hardester
5 Pound Lead (melted bullets)-Chris Koehler
Finds of the month January 2019

February 2019

Oldest U. S. Coin: 1918 Lincoln Cent-Chris Koehler
Most Valuable U. S. coin: None turned in
Most Valuable Item: Sterling silver ring-Eric Hanewinkel
Oddity: Brass Claw table foot: Doug Bierce
Consolation winner: Bank of Edgemont $5 token- John Quinn
Finds of the month 2 19 3

March 2019

Oldest U. S. coin:1903 Indian cent-Bill Harrington
Most valuable U. S. coin: 1918 Lincoln cent-Tim Popp
Most valuable item: 1851 Civil War Buckle-Rick Moore
Oddity: 1906 Blue Label Bakery token-Pam Popp
Consolation winner: Sterling silver Israel Star of David-John Quinn
Other finds: Cowboy cap pistol belt buckle-Chris Koehler
Small ring with jewels: Kathy Crowell
1914/15 silver plated Austrian watch fob cross of merit-Mark Avery
Finds of the month March 2019 1
Civil War buckle March 2019
Rick found this 4/5″ deep at a park in Troy Illinois. It is an 1851 pattern waist belt plate, but is missing the silver soldered wreath. It is a Union Calvary enlisted O’Donnell and Campbell type.

April 2019

Oldest U. S. coin:1842″O” Seated Liberty dime-Chris Koehler
Most valuable U. S. coin: (none turned in) Sterling Silver thimble-John Quinn
Most valuable item: 14K Gold necklace with stone-Eric Hanewinkel
Oddity: 1946 Chauffeur license-Christine Zika
Consolation winner: Sterling Silver ring-Tim McNiff
Other finds: Space age token-eternal Products-Eric Hanewinkel
Finds of the month April 2019 1

John Quinn finds

John Quinn brought in his finds from his England trip he made last Fall and also some Civil War finds recently made locally.John Quinn England finds 2019John Quinn finds April 2019

Chris Koehler finds

Chris Koehler made some nice Civil War finds recently>
Chris Koehler finds April 2019

May 2019

Oldest U. S. coin: 1906 Indian Head Penny – Doug Bierce
Most Valuable item #1: Gold plated Sterling Silver ring – Duke Hardester
Most Valuable U. S. Coin – 1918 Wheat Penny – John Quinn
Oddity: 1800s Clock Weight – Andrew Machens
Consolation: Nut opener – Pam Popp
Finds of the month May 2019 1Finds of the month May 2019 2

June 2019

Oldest coin: 1850 Seated Dime – Mike Moutray
Most Valuable Coin: 1942 Walking Liberty Half – Eric Hanewinkel
Most Valuable Coin – Sterling Silver bracelet – Mark Avery
Oddity: 1920s Pullman Car Works Toolkit Checkout Chit – John Quinn
Consolation: 100 years of the telephone token – Chris Koehler
Finds of the month 06 2019