Photos and details of the monthly finds are posted here-left double-click on photo to see enlarged view.

January 2019

Oldest coin: 1916 French 1 Franc-Mike Tiemann
Most valuable U. S. Coin: 1972 Eisenhower Dollar-Bill Harrington
Most valuable item: 10K Ritenaur Class Ring- Amberly Brown
Oddity: 1930’s Pewter toy soldier- Pam Popp
1890-1900 Sterling silver Gibson girl pin: Rick Crowell
Unknown marked Pegasus item-Larry Hardester
5 Pound Lead (melted bullets)-Chris Koehler
Finds of the month January 2019

February 2019

Oldest U. S. Coin: 1918 Lincoln Cent-Chris Koehler
Most Valuable U. S. coin: None turned in
Most Valuable Item: Sterling silver ring-Eric Hanewinkel
Oddity: Brass Claw table foot: Doug Bierce
Consolation winner: Bank of Edgemont $5 token- John Quinn
Finds of the month 2 19 3

March 2019

Oldest U. S. coin:1903 Indian cent-Bill Harrington
Most valuable U. S. coin: 1918 Lincoln cent-Tim Popp
Most valuable item: 1851 Civil War Buckle-Rick Moore
Oddity: 1906 Blue Label Bakery token-Pam Popp
Consolation winner: Sterling silver Israel Star of David-John Quinn
Other finds: Cowboy cap pistol belt buckle-Chris Koehler
Small ring with jewels: Kathy Crowell
1914/15 silver plated Austrian watch fob cross of merit-Mark Avery
Finds of the month March 2019 1
Civil War buckle March 2019
Rick found this 4/5″ deep at a park in Troy Illinois. It is an 1851 pattern waist belt plate, but is missing the silver soldered wreath. It is a Union Calvary enlisted O’Donnell and Campbell type.