The Club is comprised of individuals of all ages that share a common interest. That common interest is the hobby of metal detecting. The goal of the Club members is to further the hobby of metal detecting by holding monthly meetings, conducting informal group hunts, distributing a monthly newsletter, teaching new members the proper methods of using a metal detector, and sharing the wonderful experience of using a detector to find old coins and other “treasures” with anyone who may show an interest in this great hobby.

The History and a bit about the Club
The Midwest Coinshooters and Historical Club was established in the 1980’s and is dedicated to the hobby of metal detecting. There are approximately 70 members from around the St. Louis, Missouri area including members from other nearby states. The members are dedicated to studying and developing historical information related to items found while using a metal detector. The Club also participates in community activities and members are willing to provide services, related to the use of a metal detector, to various organizations, groups, and individuals.MeetingsĀ  consist of a business meeting, various presentations, open discussion, a finds-of-the-month contest, and coin prizes. Members include men, women, and children ranging in age from eleven to almost ninety years old. Visitors are welcome to attend a meeting to learn and see more about the Club. Annual membership is twenty five dollars for the first family member and ten dollars for each additional family member residing at the same address. This entitles the member to receive the monthly newsletter and to participate in all Club activities. The main event of the Club is the Annual Fall Hunt held in September each year. Some years, there is also a smaller hunt, the Spring Hunt, held usually in May of each year. The Club also holds informal group hunts on the Sunday following each month’s meeting. The Club supports the national organization of metal detectorists, the Federation of Metal Detector and Archeological Clubs, Inc., (FMDAC), with many of the Club members joining the FMDAC each year. Membership to the FMDAC is optional and is five dollars a year to join.

To learn more about the FMDAC and other sites related to metal detecting, be sure to go to the Links page and select any of the links there. This will take you directly to each site where you might learn about the national organization, check out the websites of many of the manufacturers of metal detectors and detecting related equipment, enjoy the websites of the publishers of the treasure hunting magazines currently available to metal detectorists, and visit some of the many metal detecting related websites.

For more information about the Midwest Coinshooters Metal Detecting Club or metal detecting in general, contact one of the club officers listed under the “contacts” tab.