Photos and details of the monthly finds are posted here-left double-click on photo to see enlarged view.

January 2018

1851 large cent-Eric Hanewinkel
Spousal token-Carl Boekemeier
Titanium Ring-John Quinn
1919 English Cent-Bill Harrington
Matching Coin-Mark Avery
Finds of the month January 2018 1

February 2018

Silver oval cap-Pam Popp
Sterling Silver Sand dollar medallion-John Quinn
Large Skeleton Ring-Carl Boekemier
Gold baby ring-Don Herberts
1911 one deutschmark coin- Kelly Linder
1915 Barber Dime-Mike Heisler
1918 Standing Liberty quarter- Tom Miller
Good for 5 Cents token- Andrew Machens
Finds of the month 2 18 1

March 2018

1851 Half Dime-Eric Hanewinkel
Silver Amethyst Ring-Larry Hardester
Gold Eagle Pendant-Christine Zika
Them GW Antique padlock-John Quinn
Silver necklace-Carl Boekemeier
Flat bullet-Ed Meyer
Pewter Spock Statue-Michael
1826 George IV coin-Pat Reece
Chinese coin-Andrew Machens
Fidget Spinner-Kathy Crowell
Finds of the month March 2018

April 2018

1942D Walking Liberty half dollar-Leonard Maierhoffer
1885 1 Krueger coin-Tom Miller
Sterling Silver Bracelet-John Quinn
Sterling Silver necklace-Tim McNiff
Skylark Bowl 200 game award medal-Bill Gittemeier
Sterling Silver Flower Broach-Christine Zika
Three ring bullet-mini ball-Don Herberts

May 2018

Copper sombrero hat-Kelly Linder
1867 Shield Nickel-Eric Hanewinkel
Bronze 1800’s lady statue-Christine Zika
Sterling silver ring Baseball blue stone-Tim McNiff
Large Cent unknow date-Pat Reece
1937D Washington Quarter-John Quinn
Machens Good for 5 cents token-Andrew Machens
Sterling Silver 1935 smoking pipe connector-Amberly Brown
Finds of the month May 2018

June 2018

1916 Wheat Cent-John Quinn
18?? Shield Nickel-Eric Hendricks
2011 Bobcats Class Ring-Tim McNiffS
Sterling silver religious ring-Eric Hanewinkel
Silver edge Broach-Chris Koehler
Old Toy Truck-Pam Popp
Old flat button-Tim Popp
copper fig leaf medallion-Mark Avery
Raised Eagle Button-Andrew Machens
Full size meat grinder-Mike Heisler
Finds of the month june 2018 2

July 2018

Love cuffs tie tac cufflinks-Ed Meyer
14K gold ring with 3 diamonds-Christine Zika
10K gold toe ring-Eric Hanewinkel
1904 Barber Quarter-Chris Koehler
1945 Jefferson nickel-Mark Avery
1903 “V” nickel-Pam Popp
1940 Rockefeller Center pocket calendar-Bill Harrington
1952 Franklin Half-Ron Corbin
1937 Chauffer Badge-Tom Miller
Super 777 Starters pistol-Leonard Maierhoffer
Finds of the month July 2018 2

August 2018

Silver plated Persian head pendant-Bobby Lewis
14K gold Wedding Band ring-Eric Hanewinkel
Holed large cent-Mike Sass
1911 barber Dime-Doug Bierce
1840-1862 Federal Engineer button-Kathy Crowell
St. Louis Glove Company button 1901-Pam Popp
Small Sterling silver ring with stone-Kelly Linder
Finds of the month August 2018

September 2018

1882 Indian Cent-Chris Koehler
Sterling Silver religious medal-Tim McNiff
1900’s Lead ringed bullet-Pam Popp
Religious ring with 3 rubies and 1 diamond-Eric Hanwinkel
Standing Liberty Quarter-Christine Zika
14K Gold St. Christopher medal-Burt Thompson
1909 Cent-Tim Popp
1500’s China pottery piece-Ed Meyer
Finds of the month 8 18

October 2018

St. Michael Religious Medal-Jan mason
1800’s Watch winder-Tim Popp
1907″O” Barber Dime-Chris Koehler
14K gold ring-Bill Harrington
10K gold ring with oval stone-Eric Hanewinkel
Triangle pendant-Jesse Draper
Sterling Silver Bracelet-?
1904 Indian head cent-John Quinn
Five replica pieces of eight-Larry Hardester
Sterling silver ring with blue stone-Tim McNiff
Finds of the month October 2018

November 2018

No meeting held due heavy snow-no finds