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January 2018

1851 large cent-Eric Hanewinkel
Spousal token-Carl Boekemeier
Titanium Ring-John Quinn
1919 English Cent-Bill Harrington
Matching Coin-Mark Avery
Finds of the month January 2018 1

February 2018

Silver oval cap-Pam Popp
Sterling Silver Sand dollar medallion-John Quinn
Large Skeleton Ring-Carl Boekemier
Gold baby ring-Don Herberts
1911 one deutschmark coin- Kelly Linder
1915 Barber Dime-Mike Heisler
1918 Standing Liberty quarter- Tom Miller
Good for 5 Cents token- Andrew Machens
Finds of the month 2 18 1

March 2018

1851 Half Dime-Eric Hanewinkel
Silver Amethyst Ring-Larry Hardester
Gold Eagle Pendant-Christine Zika
Them GW Antique padlock-John Quinn
Silver necklace-Carl Boekemeier
Flat bullet-Ed Meyer
Pewter Spock Statue-Michael
1826 George IV coin-Pat Reece
Chinese coin-Andrew Machens
Fidget Spinner-Kathy Crowell
Finds of the month March 2018