Photos and details of the monthly finds are posted here.

January 2017

Sorry, pictures of the finds were not recorded, but here is a list of the winners.
1900 Barber Quarter-Dan Forth
1938D Walking Liberty Half Dollar-Mike Tiemann
Sterling Silver chain-Mike Sass
Old Lock-Jim Russell
Silver/Diamond Ring-Eric Hanewinkel

February 2017

No photos and records at this time, they may be posted later.

March 2017

1964 Kennedy half dollar-Mike Heisler
1871 Indian Cent-Andrew Machens
Sterling silver Zebra Pin-John Quinn
Metal Eagle statue-Carl Boekemier
Sharpshooter Award Pin-Tom Miller
Tungsten Carbide ring-Christine Zika
Bellerive Silver Spoon-Jim Russell
1866 Indian Cent-Mark Avery
Dateless Walking Liberty Quarter-Eric Hanewinkel
1892 V Nickel-Chris Kohler
finds of the month 3 17 one

April 2017

“42” railroad tie nail-Kelly Linder
Paul Revere’s Midnight ride medal-Tim McNiff
1853 Seated Quarter-Gabe Young
1901″O” Barber Dime-Tim Popp
1917 French coin hammered ring-John Quinn
U. S. Army RAH-66 Commanche 1st Flight Medal-Christine Zika
Finds of the month April 17 2

May 2017

1892 Indian Cent-Pam Popp
1907 Barber Half-Andrew Machens
18K Wedding Ring-Tim McNiff
Saddle Sterling silver ring-Doug Bierce
1914 Missouri Electric/ Gas Rail Fob-Tom Miller
Sterling Silver Saint Christopher medal-John Quinn

May 2017 finds of the month

June 2017

small metal pitcher-Robert Bierce
Gold ring with stones-John Quinn
Sterling silver thimble-Jim Russell
Tungsten Carbide ring-Eric Hanewinkel
Lightning medal pin-finder unknown
1888 “V” nickel-Tom Miller
1898 Barber dime-Mark Avery
St. Charles CPP acorn 1904 tag-Pam Popp

Finds of the month June 2017 1

July 2017

Cupid Statue-Doug Bierce
Stork Broach-Bill Arrington
1690’s Pewter/lead button-Andrew Machens
1909D Barber dime-Eric Hanewinkel
1900 Barber Quarter-Amberly Brown
Diamond/gold earring-Michael Sass

Finds of the month 1 july 2017

August 2017

1893 Post Office button-Eric Hanewinkel
One dollar Missouri tax token-Kathy Crowell
Gold ring with stones-Doug Bierce
1861 Russian coin/copec-Tom Miller
Sterling Silver spoon, Union Lounge club-Mark Avery
Finds of the month aug 17 1

September 2017

1856 Seated Liberty Dime- Pam Popp
1910 “V” Nickel- Ed Meyer
Large Sterling silver ring- Tim McNiff
Larger Civil War brass buckle- Catfish Jim
14 Kt Gold Ring- Gabe Young
Austrian Coin- Rick Crowell
General service Civil war Henry Popcorn- Andrew Machens
Old Tavern token- Jim Russell
1951D silver quarter- Mark Avery
Old Button- Bill Harrington
Dimes coin bracelet- Eric Hanewinkel
Finds of the month 9 17 1

October 2017

1898 Indian Head cent-Andrew Machens
1899 “V” Nickle-Kelly Linder
1944 Mercury Dime-Mike Heisler
2002 Russian 50 Kopek coin-Karen Voigt
NASCAR 50th Anniversary Pendant-Carl Boekemeier
“42” railroad nail-finder unknown
U. S. Army RAH 66 Comanche 1st flight medal-Christine Zika
1853 Seated Quarter-finder not recorded
1901″O” Barber dime-finder not recorded
Paul revere’s midnight ride medal-finder not recorded
1917 French coin ring-Tim McNiff
Finds of the month 1 October 17

November 2017

1904 Barber Quarter-Susan Kuenzel
1917 Standing Liberty Quarter-roland Kuenzel
Simulated Diamond ring-Kathy Crowell
1900’s Lithographed Plate-Pam Popp
1910 Bank Token-tom Miller
Sterling Silver Ring-Jesse Draper
(sorry-didn’t get all the names of the finders of all the items)
Finds of the month 11 17 3