January Meeting

1898 Indian Head cent-Michael Steimel
1898 Barber Dime-Dan Forth
Diamond and Emerald gold ring-Jack Kountz
Small Brass signal cannon-Rick Moore
Euclid Heavy equipment watch fob-Robert Bierce

February Meeting

1838 Large cent-Gabe Young
1892 Barber Quarter-Mike Teimann
Crotal Bell-Jim Russell
Jewish Star of David Pendant-Dan Forth
Silver Onyx Ring-Ed Meyer

Finds of the month 2 16

March Meeting

1834 Capped Bust Five cent piece-Eric Hanewinkel
1895 “S” Barber Half Dollar-Dan Forth
14K Gold Ring-Sam Monroe
Brass Dragon charm-Tim McNiff
Civil War GAR medal-Leo Kourtesis

April Meeting

1865 Indian head cent-Susan Kuenzel
1917S Standing Liberty quarter-Mike Tiemann
10K gold ring-John Quinn
Knights Templar Pendant-Eric Hanewinkel
McKinley/Hobart Campaign Pendant-Sam AllardFinds of the month 2

Sam Allard’s Campaign Pendant
1896 Mckinley political badge by Sam Allard

May Meeting

1895 Barber Quarter-Tim McNiff
1902S Barber Dime-Pam Popp
Sterling Silver ring-Jerry Ganahl
Devil Worship Pendant-John Quinn
1897 Barber Quarter-Tim Popp

Finds of the month 1 5 16

June Meeting

Sorry no photos
1928 buffalo Nickel-Sam Monroe
1968 Roosevelt Dime (mis-strike on date)-Tim McNiff
Austrian Trigger assembly (for 19th century rifle)-Tom Miller
Strange ear ring-Jim Russell
Silver Mexican 10 centavos-Sam Allard

July Meeting

1839 Large Cent-Gabe Young
1867 Two cent piece-Mike Stiemel
Silver Chain-Larry Hardester
Morman Flyer Race Car-Andrew Machens
Charlie McCarthy spoon-Doug bierce
Calipers-Mike Sass
Pocket watch-Mark Walters
1882 Indian Cent-Kathy Crowell
Rosary Ring-Tim McNiff
National Commerce Bank token-Chris Allard
Finds of the month July 16

August Meeting

1965 Kennedy Half Dollar-Mike Sass
1901 Barber Dime-Gabe Young
1901 Indian Cent-Ed Meyer
1930’s Life Saving Red Cross Pin-John Quinn
Sterling Silver Ring w/stone-Bobby Lewis
1800’s Ornate ring-Eric Hanewinkel
Finds of the month 8 16

September Meeting

Portable Radio-Mike Sass
Small silver ball glove-Tim McNiff
1897 Barber Dime-Dan Forth
Cardinals pewter ball glove-Roger Horrom
Old Ice House padlock-Andrew Machens
Oxygen Valve-Kelly Linder
1859 Canadian Cent-Amberly Brown
RCF Initiation Medallion-Mike Tiemann
Finds of the month 9 16 3

October Meeting

1836 Capped Bust Half dime-Mike Tiemann
Sterling silver ring-unknown
1812 Military button-unknown
Monster Gold Cross-Burt Thompson
Sterling silver cross-John Quinn
1853 “O” Barber half dollar-Tim McNiffFinds of the month 10 16

November Meeting

14KT Gold Ring-Eric Hanewinkel
Sterling Silver Ring-Mark Avery
Silver Item-Unknown
1892 Barber Quarter-Roger Horrom
One Penny token-Susan Kuenzel
1877CC Seated Dime-Mike Tiemann
Old Jailhouse lock-Doug Bierce
Finds of the month 11 16 one