January Meeting:

1890 Indian Head Cent-Roger Horrom
1945 “D” Walking Liberty Half-Bobby Lewis
1907 300th Anniversary Gilded token-Dan Forth

January 2015 finds of the month

February Meeting:

Monopoly race car playing piece-Mike Heisler
1850 large cent-Mike Tiemann
Four dog license tags-Doug Bierce
1877Seated Liberty quarter Victorian Love Token hand inscribed on reverse-Rick Moore
1855 Seated Liberty half dime-Joe Pattan February 2015 finds of the month

March Meeting:

Silver Braclet-John Quinn
1893″O” Barber Dime-Dan forth
Masonic Token_Ben Neff

Silver Braclet, 1893 "O" Barber dime, Masonic token
Silver Braclet, 1893 “O” Barber dime, Masonic token

April Meeting:

1857 Seated Dime-Gabe Young
Bell Shaped two piece medal-Mike Tiemann
1909″O” Barber dime-Dan Forth
1900 Indian Cent-Pam Popp
1934 Ford Exposition token-Tim Popp

1857 seated dime, bell shaped medal, 1909O Barber dime, 1900 Indian cent, 1934 Ford Exposition token

 May Meeting: (No Photo)

1883 “V” Nickel-Eric Hendricks
1909 “O” Barber dime-Dan Forth
Standing Liberty quarter-no date-John Quinn
18K Gold plated ring-Jerry Ganahl
3 1944 wheat cents in same hole-Leonard Maierhoffer

June Meeting:

1914D Barber Dime-Rick Moore
1947 Wheat Cent-Ed Meyer
Sterling Silver Ring-Bobby Lewis
Skeleton Key-Doug Bierce
Class Ring-Mike Tiemann
Heart Pendent
Brass Knuckles-Pam Popp

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July Meeting:

Slot Machine coin acceptor-Doug Bierce
1916 Wheat Cent-Glen Czarnecki
Falstaff beer token-Ben Neff
Silver Cross-John Quinn
1900 Barber Dime-Gabe Young

 July 2015 finds of the month

August Meeting:

(Sorry, no photograph)
1856 Seated Liberty half dime-Doug Bierce
1881 Indian Head cent-Susan Kuenzel
1812 Military Button-A. J. Phillips
Antique Cuff Link-Roland Kuenzel
Sterling Silver Business Card Holder-Eric Yeager

September Meeting:

1853 Seated Liberty Quarter-Mike Moutray
1905 Indian Head Cent-Ed Meyer
1890 “S” Barber Dime-Gabe Young
Lead Military Soldiers-Mike Heisler
1911 St. Louis County Fair token-Eric YeagerFinds of the month 9 15 3

October Meeting:

1902″S” Barber Quarter-Dan Forth
Iron Weather Vane Rooster-Tim McNiff
1957 Franklin Half Dollar-Mike Tiemann

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November Meeting:

Seated Liberty half dollar-Mike Moutray
Large cent no date-Rick Moore
14K gold ring-John Quinn
14K gold ring-Pam Popp
WW1 Uniform button-Susan Kuenzel
Miscellaneous other finds
Finds of the month November 2015